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Phone: 07879  543121

Counselling in South London

Appointments available on
Tuesdays Wednesdays-Thursdays


  • depression, anxiety, stress

  • low self-confidence and low self-esteem

  • relationship and intimacy issues (sexuality and sex)

  • addiction

  • loss

  • bullying/abuse

  • self-harm

  • or you may want a change in your life or want to make sense of events that are happening or happened in your life to break the cycle.

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BACP Logo - 374970.png

About me

I am a person-centred counsellor/therapist. I trained and qualified at LC&CTA (Lewisham Counselling and Counsellor Training Associates) in London. There I obtained the Intermediate Certificate in Counselling Skills, the CPCAB-accredited Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies and the BACP-accredited Higher Professional Diploma in Counselling with distinction. I was also presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award 2018 for outstanding research in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. 

I work in private practice.

I am a volunteer counsellor at London Friend, an LGBTQ+ charity based in central London. I have experience as a key worker for Antidote, a drug and alcohol support service.  I have also worked in another agency with clients facing a number of issues including depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, relationships and intimacy problems, addiction, loss, mental issues, stress, bullying and abuse.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP and I adhere to the BACP’s professional code of ethics. 


There is no such thing as a small issue. 


Why counselling?

You may be seeking counselling because you feel something is not right anymore in some areas of your life: perhaps at work, in your relationships with friends and/or family, or in yourself. Maybe you feel anxious and it starts to poison your life and you no longer enjoy the activities you used to enjoy. You may have experienced a distressing event recently or in the past, which has turned your current world upside down, and your everyday life has become an uphill battle. Sometimes, there are unforeseen circumstances in life and some changes may be more difficult to handle than others. 

It might be the time for you to want a change in your life, or simply to come to terms with some events that have happened and/or are still happening to you. 

Counselling may also help you if you are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety, low self-esteem, abuse (verbal, physical, psychological or sexual), addiction, disorders (personal, eating), loss, bereavement, relationship and intimacy issues, self-harming and suicidal thoughts. 

Counselling offers a safe, non-judgemental environment to be listened to at a regular time each week with absolute confidentiality in accordance with the BACP Code of Ethics 2018. It can be a short-term or long-term course of therapy, which you can decide upon at any point in time. It is a place where we can both explore the issues that are troubling and affecting you in your current life. 

What is person-centred counselling?

Person-centred counselling is non-directive and non-judgemental. The approach encourages the client to freely express emotions and feelings, and explore in the here and now what goes on in their life and inner world. The counsellor supports the client in achieving their own potential for growth and problem resolution. The client is perceived by the person-centred counsellor as being the best expert of their own subjective experience. 

The person-centred counsellor provides favourable conditions at all times during therapy through empathy, non-judgment and honesty, enabling the client to make sense of what goes on, to come to terms with negative feelings and to find inner resources that bring about change. 


Clouds in Sky

Are some issues more valid than others? In my experience both as a counsellor and a human being, I can say no. Anything you may experience as problematic is always worth talking about in order to understand it. Then a change can happen. 



My practice, situated in my home in a quiet and pleasant room, is approximately 10 minute walk from East Dulwich train station and 15 minute walk from Peckham Rye train station. It is also within 5 minute walk of the following bus routes: 12, 37, 40, 42, 63, 78, 176, 185, 197, 343, 363, 484 and P12. 

My exact address details will be provided on direct contact. 

Adys Road, SE15

Phone: 07879 543121


Link to the local map:


My fees are £60 per session (individual therapy only).


Sessions last 60 minutes. We meet at the same time or times each week. I offer appointments outside of normal working hours. I also offer a limited number of reduced fee spaces. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this further.

Booking your first session (£60): we will arrange an initial session in order to discuss what is troubling you and see if therapy can help you. We will discuss the way in which we might work together. If you would like to make an appointment for an initial session, please contact me by phone, email or by using the contact box below. I will reply in the strictest confidence. Please ensure that your contact details (email address and phone number) are accurate before sending your message. 


Thank you for your query. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Regards, Richard.

You can also contact me by telephone on

07879 543121

or email me

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